Gangnam Bear

Arguably the most ground breaking and fun dance game on the App Store to date! Using Augmented Reality. If you love Gangnam Style, you’re surely going to love this.

Control this lovable Bear in his first dance adventure, via the dance craze that’s taking over the world: Gangnam Style! Control his crazy moves in time to the music, to boost your score. Gain combos for skilfully timed changes and style points as you go.


– Killer Dance track. In the Gangnam Style of course!

– Beautifully animated Bear, pulling off all kinds of crazy dance moves.

– Two modes of play. Normal mode, and Augmented Reality mode.

– Amaze your friends as you can see this crazy Bear dance in any real world environment via your camera. In the pub, at home, even on the palm of your hand!

– Game Centre leaderboard. See if you can become the best in the world.

*** Please Note: Augmented Reality Mode is only available on devices with a built in camera.

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