GammonHD is a simple version of the classic game “Backgammon” integrated with Coliseum, a social gaming network designed specifically for mobile devices. Easy to pick up for new players, Gammon is very engaging because it allows players to:

– Play games with internet friends and not just anonymous players.
– Play many games simultaneously, which keeps the game play fast-paced.
– Make game plays when you have time to play. GammonHD is designed for mobile players because it allows you to “come and go” from the game through the day making plays when you have time.
– Be notified when it “Your Turn” is a particular game.
– Play in Tournament matches against opponents at your rank level or across all levels.
– Keeps track of your game and tournament stats and ranks you against your friends.
– Send game chat messages associated with your plays which your opponents will see when they have time to play.
– Send “Page” messages to your friends
– Easily setup new games with your friends, random players, of those you find on one of several player statistics screens
– Easy Surrender and Re-match.
– Challenge peers within your rank
– Re-display previous turns.
– Gain ranking by playing new players many of which will become new friends.
– Although highly interactive, GammonHD is very easy on network data usage.

GammonHD could easily become the game you play the most.

GammonHD is a multi-player game and requires access to the Coliseum Game Server via WiFi or 3G connection.

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