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▶ Masters of Mystery: Blood of Betrayal – solve a riveting new case!
▶ Righteous Kill – hunt for clues to apprehend a vigilante killer!
▶ Pilot Brothers – join the famed duo in their quest for the truth!
▶ Whisper of Fear: The Cursed Doll – stop the chain of deaths and save a little girl!
▶ The Magician’s Handbook II: Blacklore – free your friends and stop Blacklore!


▶ Totem Tribe Gold – help the Hawk tribe restore peace!
▶ Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe – pack your bags and head to Europe!
▶ Jumpster™ – a physics platformer not to be missed!
▶ Virtual City Playground – your favorite Virtual City gameplay is now FREE.
▶ Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort long -awaited sequel to Virtual City is finally here!


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