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Game Of The Year is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Game of the Year Review

For the last two years, we’ve given our highest honor, Game of the Year, to those rare games that break new ground and impress us on every level. Game of the Year, the game, doesn’t nearly have the chops to compete with past winners like Real Racing or Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, making its title a bit of an ironic joke.

Game of the Year is a simple shooting gallery game, a bit like a single stage from the old lightgun series Point Blank. You have two six-shooters, and when demon-shaped targets drop from the sky, you have to tap on them to blow them apart. A perfect shot in the middle will obliterate your target, and earn you more points.

Right between the wings!

Over 16 very brief challenges, the targets will fall in different patterns for five waves. If you miss more than a few shots, you’ll have to replay the stage, and you’ll be rewarded with up to three stars based on your performance.

This Challenge mode is dull and short, partly because the targets never sway or disappear like they do in the other modes. Plus, you can beat the whole thing in about 20 minutes.

Swingin’ free.

Game of the Year’s two endless modes fare a bit better. In Endless mode, you have to keep your health bar up by hitting targets, and things quickly become hectic. In Horde mode, which you unlock after beating Challenge mode, you have to score as many hits as possible in a set amount of time. Here, you never have to reload, and misses don’t count against you, so precision isn’t exactly encouraged.

Game of the Year has a nice presentation, with good sound effects and crisp visuals. However, there’s very little variety, something that especially disappointed us in Challenge mode. We appreciate the developer’s audacity in giving this simple shooter an impressive-sounding name, but we’d rather play an impressive game.