Game Fish Identification

You can identify fish, sharks or rays? Do you like challenges?
This application contains the exciting IDENTIFICATION GAME (in English, Spanish, or Portuguese)
with 213 colorful illustrations of fish, sharks or rays for you to enjoy, entertain and exercise identification. Know it and have fun! But do not get addicted to it! Hit in 55 countries.

By touching the icon, opens up the Identification Game with 20 (iPad) or 12 (iPhone) fish, sharks or rays displayed randomly on the screen for you to try hitting their names. The game proposal is exercising the visual identification of a fish, having as base 213 colorful illustrations of fish, sharks or rays.

When you touch the fish, its illustration expands to occupy the whole screen and, below it,
emerge 5 options of common (and scientific) names. After touch your option, the illustration
returns to its original size accompanied by the symbol and the sound of hit or error. In either case, striking or missing, the correct name of the fish will be exposed below the illustration.

The number of hits and errors, and their percentage of correct answers are computed and displayed at the top of the screen. As the game ends, appears a message of how you were in the game, based on the percentage of correct answers, and the question if you want to play again or not. But at any time, by touching the button New Game, 20 (iPad) or 12 (iPhone) new fish, sharks or rays will be arranged randomly on the screen.

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