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****Discover the best mobile games every day ****

What does the Game Finder do?

**QUALITY** – Only hand-picked and high quality games that pass our standards will be featured. Don’t waste your time by downloading poor quality games!
**DISCOUNTS** – Save money when downloading games! The Game Finder shows free presents, all price drops and discounts for the best iOS Games.
**DISCOVERY** – All games are organized in the most important game categories such as Strategy or Adventure and sub categories like Basketball or Hack & Slash.
**FRIENDS** – See what games your friends are playing, all with one click!

Special Features:
* Every day you can unwrap two new and free presents from the App Store
* The Price Alarm informs you in real time about price drops
* Filter games by relevant information such as multiplayer modes, offline/online mode connection, etc..
* Daily Game News keep you up-do-date about new releases and insider tips
* Connect with Facebook to see which games your friends are playing
* Place games on your watchlist
* A push notification can remind you to download large games when you enter a WiFi network

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