Galaxy Pilot

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Galaxy Pilot is an arcade style space shooting game in which you must defend the galaxy against the aliens. You’ll need to destroy asteroids, fight alien ships and at the end of each level fight the mothership.

During you mission, you’ll need to collect fuel, missiles as well as save the spacemen to complete each level.

With three skill levels, EASY, NORMAL, and HARD each containing 10 levels of increasingly harder enemies, will you be able to save the galaxy?

– Fire missiles by touching bottom of screen, pause at top of the screen.
– Last level saved for resuming game.
– Accelerometer controlled.
– Multiple Alien types.
– Mothership
– Space mines
– 10 levels
– Extra ship every 10000 points (max of 3 at a time)
– 3 skill levels
– Bonus points for multiple spacemen saved

Mothership can’t be destroyed until the turrets are destroyed.

Good luck !!!

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