Galaxy Invaders : Alien Attack

In Year 2048, hordes of alien enemies
from Mars are rushing to Moons. It they take her,
Earth is not safe place anymore.
You’re flying a futuristic space fighter capable
of homing missiles, rapid guns and bombs
to fight against them.
You ‘re the only hope.

★★★★★ It goes well with the retro style and modern effect.
★★★★★ Stunning explosions will entertain you.

★Retro arcade style shooter with spectacular visual effects.
★Big explosion , stunning sound effect & MORE!
★5 Mountable weapons with 3 step upgrade system.
★Leaderboards & Achievements through Game Center.
★Simple and Easy Gameplay.

[How to play]
★Use the virtual joystick to move the fighter right and left.
★Use the fire button to fire
★Aim and shoot the flying ufo to generate extra mountable weapon capsule.
★Upgrade weapons to enhance gameplay.

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