FvV: Fruits vs Veggies

The Recipe: Take a serving of “Plants vs Zombies”, add a nice portion of a collectible card game, and a dash of real time action. Mix it all together and you’ll get a delicious platter of “FvV: Fruits vs Veggies”!

The Ultimate Food Fight is Here! Introducing Fruits vs Veggies, the hottest, juiciest, most flavorful game to hit the App Store. With nearly 50 cards to customize your deck with, a full single player campaign mode, and a 2 player versus mode – all for free – you could just say that this is the best thing since sliced bread.

The Fruit Clan and the Veggies Family have never gotten along before, and things are heating up as each faction vies to call the beautiful Tomato Princess their own.

Defend against the advances of the enemy in real time by playing the cards from your deck to summon Creatures like the Coconut Bowler, attack incoming units with Spells like the Jalapeno Grenade, or activate your trap card like the Banana Peel and place defenses along the battlefield.

-Deliciously Free!
-A Gourmet Story/Campaign Mode featuring 40 Savory Levels
-Customize and Build Your Delectable Deck of Creature, Spell, and Trap Cards to Use in the Game
-Unlock nearly 50 Mouth-Watering Cards as You Play
-Simply Drag and Drop to Play a Creature, Spell, or Trap Card
-Earn Coins to Buy Additional Cards Simply by Playing the Game, or Purchase an Instant Flavor-Shot of Coins at Any Time
-Challenge Friends with the Scrumptious Versus Mode

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