Fuzzball Free: A multiplayer Billiards / Soccer strategy game against online friends over 3G internet

Fuzzball is a multiplayer game that combines billiards and soccer elements into an intense mind-wrenching experience.

The instant multiplayer action will hook you up to other people so that every game will be a new thrill. Fight your way into the top rankings by out-smarting all the other Fuzzballs!

Additional Features:
* Facebook – show off your stats and view news feeds with the Fuzzball for Facebook companion application.
* Friends – so you can save and play against your favorite people.
* Invites – contact people by SMS, Email, or In-Game to initiate on-demand game requests, whether they’re offline or online.
* History – keep track of people you’ve played and how you fared against them.
* Web – integrated web tab to keep up with everything that’s new.
* Privacy settings – only share as much as you’re comfortable with.
* Single player – practice against the AI until you’ve mastered the skills.
* Play-While-You-Wait – play a 1 player game while you’re waiting for someone to join

Will you be the best Fuzzball in the world?

(The Free version is ad-supported. Buy the full version for an ad-free experience)

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