“Step into my office, ’cause you’re fired! ”

You are angry and need money! Now, kick the shit-faced guys! We know how stupid and mean they can be.

★The weapons are much crazier than you think, including a Coke Bottle, a Toy Hammer and a Laser Sword from Star Wars.

★And you can play the King of Pop or even the Beauty in the Bath for world peace.

★Not only your boss, but there are also lots of other characters (the Senator, Storm Trooper and Evil Leader) in the game.

★Let’s get started and kick some ass!

★Not ready to commit? Try Fury™ Free

✪ Best stress-relief game
✪ Several unique weapons (more coming!)
✪ 3 characters with hilarious expressions
✪ Quests, lots of quests
✪ Secret combos

New updates are coming soon!
– Infinite Quests
– New Enemies

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