Furious Evil

Extremely fast and addictive gameplay.
Complete missions and get rewards!
It’s bigger, faster, and still FREE!

== Story ==
They had escaped.
Disappeared with the treasures of the devil.
But the devil does not give up.
The devil could fly in the sky.
And aim them.
But they found out.
They have a devil fruit.
And learned that it would give them strength.

== Features ==

* Extremely fast and addictive gameplay
* Complete missions to get rewards
* Addictive music that makes your blood pum
* Game Center Challenges
* Universal (great on any iOS device!
* Amazing on the new iPhone
* Free with 13 level.
* Full version -> 4 stages with 15 levels to reach in each.
* simple control.
* Earn sprites to unlock new level.
* 4 addictive world.
* 60 challenging maps.
* touch to accelerate, up & down.

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