Universal Rating: 12+

Furdemption is a game from RareSloth LLC, originally released 25th June, 2015


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Furdemption Updates With 40 New Levels

There’s a rabbit struggling to get out of hell — but he’s just run up against 40 new levels and a bunch of poisonous spiders. Help him out.

What’s New in Version 1.1.0
The Widow’s Den (1.1.0)

• 40 more levels
• Rabbit Hole – Down one hole and out the other!
• Spiderwebs – It’s a struggle to get unstuck!
• Poison Spiders – They’re fast and shoot poison!
• Game Center – Compete for time and gold found!
• Game Center – 16 achievements to obtain!
• 5 Secrets – We’re not tellin’ 😉
• Music – 2 additional music tracks
• Portuguese – translations added
• Conserve battery – Activate in Settings App under Furdemption
• Gore optional – Hide blood in Settings App under Furdemption

News via Gamezebo:

New Furdemption Levels Heading Our Way

If you like swipey puzzle games, you probably love (or would love) Furdemption, a game about pushing things around and avoiding a fiery death as you guide a bunny through levels. The game is about to get more of those levels in a free update heading our way soon. From Gamezebo:

Furdemption’s 40 new levels continue to force you to think on your feet. Your offensive options are limited, so you need to use the bubbling environment to your advantage. That means ducking in and out of brand-new rabbit holes, luring enemies into sawblades, and / or antagonizing the Reaper so that he cuts your foes down for you.

Via Gamezebo

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This swipe-based puzzler has you controlling a rabbit as it navigates a treacherous hellscape full of lava, crumbling platforms, saw blades, and more. The idea is to collect coins and retrieve feathers without dying. You’ll probably still die a lot, but you’ll have a blast doing it.

Reviews via Touch Arcade:

‘Furdemption’ Review: Almost Purrfect

This puzzle platformer may be soaked in feline blood, but that doesn’t make it any less fantastic. From Touch Arcade’s 5 out of 5 star review:

The game has plenty of content, with 100 progressively-harder levels and more coming according to the developers. The beta version included a level designer, but the developers pulled it to focus on the game and plan on adding it in a future update. A level designer with shareable levels would give this game immense replayability because of all the different components already in the game. Even without the level designer, the game more than justifies its $2.99 price, especially since the game has no IAP. Initially, the developers pondered going F2P with IAPs but eventually went with a premium price that might rise as they add more content (which means get the game now if you like it).Furdemption is a trully great puzzle platformer with a whimsical protagonist and a colorful-yet-gory art style that stands out among the competition. Add to that a fun soundtrack and the promise of more features to come, and this game’s a winner.

Via Touch Arcade