Fun With Chemistry

Get the single/multi-player ‘Fun With Chemistry’ and start brewing odorous stink bombs to gas your friends, passing seniors, babies, birds, bankers, dogs, ducks and mall cops. Use physics and the wind to carry the pungent whiff to far away targets. Laugh at the reactions of folks as they enjoy the smelly bouquet. All with a fun and funky soundtrack.

Join up to 3 Chemistry crazed friends on your wifi network and try to out-brew and out-maneuver each other.

The breeze in the park and the outdoor mall moves around buildings and drafts your cloud, sometimes helping and sometimes thwarting your plans. In the senior home watch out for retaliation and trigger your immunity to pass through other gas safely.

Break out the cheese, chili, vege, fishy and eggy chemicals, each with their own physics, and waft the stink to your targets. Hop on your go-kart, bike or segway to get around faster and hit more targets.

Play your own way: sneak up and drop a single well placed blow like an assassin, use the wind to hit targets from cover, or zoom around and blast everyone in sight. Watch out though, if you get gassed back it might mean “Game Over”.

Track your achievements and stats to compare your progress with your friends – score a Hat Trick for gassing 3 targets with one cloud, S’more-gas-bord for using every chemical type and many more.

12 levels each have their own challenge (we’re convinced one of them is actually impossible) and you may have to collaborate in multi-player to complete them all.

This funny game is full of humor and pranks for mischievous boys and girls aged 5 to 85.

Stay on target!

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