Fun-Putt Mini Golf Remix

Fun-Putt Mini Golf Remix is a fun 2D putt putt mini golf game with 18, 9-hole, courses! That’s 162 holes to master!

THERE ARE NO IN-APP-PURCHASES :) You get ALL 18 courses when you purchase this game!

Intuitive controls make this mini golf game easy for anyone to pick up and play, but the holes themselves are each a fun, and usually challenging, puzzle that will take skill and practice to master.

Avoid obstacles and hazards to get the golf ball in the hole in the fewest shots possible.

The obstacles are:

– Water hazards
– Sand traps
– Slopes (hills)
– Moving walls
– Moving bridges
– Laser beams!
– Fire pits
– Portals

To keep it interesting beyond the puzzle of each hole, you also score points for shooting below par on holes and courses.

If you shoot below par on a hole, you earn a crown for that hole. Crowns are worth 2500 bonus points.

If you score under par on a course, you get 1000 points per shot under par. If you shoot over par, you LOSE 1000 points per shot over par. Even scores 500 points.

Have fun playing mini golf in the palm of your hand!

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