Fun N’ Fry

Are you Getting Bored, want some recreation, want some fun?Then let’s fry some eggs:), no! I am not talking about any cooking show here or any recipe, this is a game which helps you in changing your mood, lighten the mood, relive the pressure on your mind. You can enjoy is anywhere and everywhere, as it’s a standalone application you can play without connecting to internet.
This application does not have any in-app purchase to it’s completely Child safe.

Features include:
1. Bonus Egg, which helps you earn bonus points if you let it go, and the chicken run out of it.
2. Red Egg, this one breaks the game, and ends it.
3. Regular Egg, This is the one which fetches points for you, you need to catch those and fry on your fry pan to earn points.

The game is a complete entertainment, and doesn’t lets you sit idle. It does develops your alertness as well, by constantly giving you challenge of which Egg to catch and which one to Drop, thus improving your concentration.

Go for it, as its “Free”!!!!!!

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