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Two climbing window cleaners connected to each other by a rope need help to clean all the dirty windows of a building. Help them clean all dirty windows by dragging them with your finger and check out some embarrassing situations of the people who live in the building. Avoid weird falling objects.

Clean as many windows as you can in this COOL, FUN and EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE game!

Fun Cleaners is simply amazing. Join thousands of other people and clean the dirty windows of the big city!!!! You can also compete and see how quick of a window cleaner you are!!

Play Fun Cleaners Free Game!!!

✓ Watch for the weird things that fall from the top of the building
✓ 2 really funny characters to clean those dirty windows
✓ The BEST Climbing game on the App Store!
✓ Facebook, Twitter & E-mail if you want
✓ Share the result with your friends
✓ 12 super Climbing Levels!!!
✓ Check out your statistics after ending each level
✓ See bizarre things after cleaning the window
✓ Extremely fun game!!!
✓ Funny music!!
✓ Retina Display
✓ Highly entertaining free game for boys, girls, kids, men, women, babies and even grandpas and grandmas!
✓ Fun for all ages
✓ And so much more that you can only find out playing!

Have fun!

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