Fun Aquarium

Aloha folks! We present to you Fun Aquarium, a fantabulous game to placate your craving for digital aquarium. May it be its mesmerizing graphics or energetic ambiance; it surely is fun to live up to.

★★★★★ Editor Picked by ★★★★★

Fun Aquarium will let you create several aquariums, where you can pet, mate, train and then ultimately sell marine creatures. Moreover splendid decorative items, plants and enigmatic backgrounds are just tap away to garland your aquariums to taste a dazzling virtual aquatic experience.

ONE THING TO NOTE is that Fun Aquarium is entirely free to play, but certain game items can also be acquired for physical currency. You have the absolute liberty to turn off such purchases. Simply disable in-app purchases for that matter.


– A large number of interesting colorful marine life objects.

– Buy, feed, love, sell your fish & other creatures to experience an ultimate digital aquarium saga

– 100 levels of amazing game play with the capacity up to 100 aquariums

– Numerous backgrounds that will change the definition of ambiance multiplicity.

– Amazing collection of decorations & plants to make your aquarium like it was never before.

– Various social features to visit, clean & feed friends’ aquariums for splendid rewards.

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