Full Data Calculator for Diablo 3

This is the most complete and accurate DIII calculator out there.

Give us for your feedback. We are here to listen to you ;)

Create unlimited Character setups and browse over 180 statistics for you heroes, based on your equiped items, skills and settings! Legendary items, item cost, HC/Paragon mode, skills, it’s all there for you to setup. The most detailed and accurate Diablo 3 calculator out there. Full list of Legendary and Set items, ready to be added to your character setup. Full skill list for all Character classes.

More than a dps calculator: access DPH, Total Damage Reduction and other stats found nowhere else like “Real Damage For Demon Hunter with Sharpshooter”.

All details have been tested for accuracy to the 2nd decimal digit. Never take an uniformed decision again when buying from the AH.

Top features include
– 180 char stats and details
– Build comparison
– ALL passive skills for all char classes
– List of Legendary and set items
– Add and configure your FOLLOWER
– Recalculate stats against Elite Mobs

Add a new item tutorial

Create new character tutorial

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