Fugu Maze Free

Find your way out of the maze with just your footsteps and a flashlight to guide you. Don’t let the suspense sound effects make you nervous!

The 3D maze is regenerated randomly each time, with different layouts, wall textures, and skies (you’ll have to find the exit to see that).

Features a first-person view and a dual thumb control: left thumb on the translucent button moves you forward while the right thumb drags on the screen to turn.

Give your device a good shake to scramble the maze. Double-tap on the screen to substitute your own wall texture – either from your photo album or by using the camera (if available).

Created with the Unity game engine,
the Etcetera and iAds plugins from Prime31 Studios, EZGUI from ANBSoft, textures from ArtSkillz free texture pack, Unity demo assets, audio from iLife Sound Effects, and fonts from the MacXWare Font Library.

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