PositionGames.Com brings you Aerocache hunt for FSX. Can you find all the hidden objects. Al you get is an hint and off you go.

After selecting a Aerocache hunt, your plane will be transferred automatically. You get one clue to find the aerocache.

All you need is your installed copy of Flight Simulator X, the free PC download and internet access. That’s it. Those things plus FSXAeroCache and you can embrace your inner pilot to the fullest.

Look at some of the exciting features you get in FSXAeroCache:
* Easy-to-use interface
* Universal app – works on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
* Connects to FSX
* PC Client provided free (see www.fsxaerocache.com)
* More then 10 aerocache hunts to start. More hunts will be added
* Highscore through GameCenter
* Easy setup, no entering of ip address required
* No local network needed
* Free updates and additional features as they become available
* Personalized and friendly customer support via email

Come and join the community. Download FSXAeroCache now and go looking for hidden treasures.

Have a great flight!

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