Do you want to show your friends the planes you are flying with FSX in 3D? With FSX3D you can import all your planes and carry it with you.

Warning: This App doesn’t come with planes pre installed.
Another Warning: This App is for advanced users only since you have to import .MDL and .DDS files though iTunes file sharing

What you need to do?
– Locate the files of the airplanes you wish to transfer. The standard location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes
– Use ITunes File Sharing to import the .MDL and .DDS files to your device.
– Start the App, select the MDL file and render

What do you need to have?
– a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Are you a designer of planes for FSX? Would you like to see your plane distributed with this App? Please contact the developer.

– 3D rendering of planes. This app has been tested with a lots of different planes. If you find a plane is not rendered correct, please contact the developers and we will try to fix it.
– A model can contains more versions of the same plane for different resolutions. You can change the resolution version
– Universal App
– Updates will be free of charge
– Optimized for iPhone 5

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