Fruix is a Fruit sorting action puzzle with a focus on planning ahead and thoughtful rotations. Each turn you remove any two fruit from the board. The remaining fruit fall down and fruit patches are made. At any time you can rotate the whole board to optimize your rewards!

The game has a familiar Bejewelled look about it but the game mechanic is quite different. Simply choose the best two fruit to remove each turn and watch those fruit patches cascade!

Turn the game upside down if that helps!

Fruix is OpenFeint Enabled!

– Simple to learn game play.
– Scope for subtle strategies and style.
– OpenFeint Enabled for Leadeboards.
– Dozens of Fruit to Find!
– Flexible Rotation Orientation control.
– Simple Single Tap Mechanics
– Elegant Auto-save and auto-continue
– Rotating, Flipping, Spinning Fruit!

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