Fruity House

Have you ever wanted to design and decorate your own Fruity House? Now you can in Fruity House


Become a superstar designer as you decorate and expand your Fruity House! Customize every

element of your Fruity House: furniture,decor, food,toy and more.
Increase your room’s value and collect income in Fruity House designer.

★★Fruity House – CARTOON STYLE★★
Incredible! Nearly 200 cartoon style items to customize your Fruity House with!
You are the princess and it is your Fruity House.


➔ Hundreds of stylish items to customize your villa.

➔ Four types of Fruity House to be designed.

➔ Sell your creation to get more cash.

➔ Intuitive and easy to play for all ages.

➔ Share your home with your friends over Facebook

? Play with families–Have more fun.

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