Fruits World 2

****The ultimate learning tool for fruits!!****

Traveling somewhere exotic? Always wanted to learn of exotic fruits?

Get Fruits World 2 to help familiarize yourself with many exotic fruits out there in the world. You will love the visual interface with awesome images.

Fruits World 2 is packed with twice the amount of fruits than its predecessor, Fruits World. Over 40 questions with its built in quizzes to help you learn fruits fast!

Fruits World 2 brings to you an ideal guide to all kinds of exotic fruits through out the world. With built in quiz, you will learn quickly to distinguish between different fruits. Simple to use with just a scroll away with fascinating images to keep you hook on it.

**A great tool when traveling to other countries! **

Test your memory through quizzes designed to help you learn these fruits faster. It’s a fun app to have!!
*Awesome images to help you learn fast
*Awesome feature to allow you to post your comment(s) to Facebook & Twitter

Great tool for traveling to other countries such as Cambodia, China, Thailand, Vietnam and much much more.

Check out our first Fruits World too!

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