Fruit Toss

A fruit-juggling panda is the only thing that stands between a defenseless village and a hungry monster. Play the role of our hero by feeding the monster apples to keep him happy and full. Follow him to the beach, to the moon, and wherever else he goes to keep the world safe. Don’t feed him the apples fast enough and, well… things could get ugly!


Swipe your finger across the screen to toss apples to the monster. Drag objects to create explosions, make the ground icy, knock over dominos, bounce apples, or fire missiles. Interact with the environment to use seesaws, spaceships, rocks, sea creatures, walls, and portals to get apples to the monster before it’s too late!

Enjoy 65 levels of action-packed, real physics puzzles, spread out over 5 beautiful chapters. Take in the scenery and music, test your mind and reflexes, and remember to feed the monster!


Fruit Toss is compatible with Game Center. Compete with friends and strangers to see if you can top the global leaderboard!

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