Fruit Tac Toe Free – A Fruity Tic Tac Toe Adventure!

Fruit Tac Toe is tic tac toe with an fruity twist! You will absolutely love the colorful graphics and fantastic sounds. This universal app is the perfect little distraction for all ages.

It is fun and engaging. Enjoy it today!!!

There are 2 game modes:
-Player versus Player
-Player versus Computer

With 3 difficulty levels:
-A Challenge

– HD Retina Graphics for iPhone and iPad
– Universal app: take it in your pocket on your iPhone and iPod or enjoy the higher definition graphics on the iPad
– Fun animal graphics and fun sounds
– 2 game modes: Player vs Player or Player vs Computer
– 3 difficulty levels: Fun, A Challenge, and Unbeatable
– Engaging distraction for all ages!

See if you can win today!

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