Fruit Shoot Blaster – Lite

FREE!! Fruit Shoot Blaster App!

One among the best fruit smasher games!

Blast the fruit as they launch across your screen!

Watch them SPLATTER all over your screen!

Great way to take your angry aggressions out on the Fruit!

Slice, Dice, and Splatter.

Play this fun fruit smasher game and challenge your friends for the highest score.

Uses a catapult…or should we call is a fruit-a-pult to launch the Watermelons, Pumpkins, Tomatoes, and other yummy fruits and vegetables across the screen.

Swipe your finger across the screen to delectably slice and dice vegetable such as pumpkins, tomatoes and much more fruits entertainingly.

Aim! Shoot more fruits and vegetable. Blast them to score high.

On top share your top fruit blast score on Facebook.

This is the entertaining as well as most sustaining fruit smasher and vegetable blaster game ever!

Give Fruit Shoot Blaster a try…it is FREE

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