Fruit Shake Samba – Best Free Cut and Slash game HD

‘So Cool How The Fruits Splash All Over’ ‘Love The Graphics, Motion And Controls’
‘I Keep Cutting those fruits with Samba rhythm! ‘
‘This Game Is so addictive!’

Play with your friends! If you enjoy slicing up fruits, you will totally love Fruit Samba! Slice up all the fruits that are being served up and follow the Samba rhythm, this will help you keep the momentum! Be careful not to hit the poison bottles, because that means game over! Some fruits have extra powers:
* Lucky fruit (+10 points)
* Extra time (+10 seconds)
* Double points (everything gets doubled for 10 seconds)

– Real Multiplayer mode
– Play against your Facebook Friends
– Awesome graphics and beautiful Music.
– Multiple game modes: Cassic, Arcade and Zen
– Intelligent level generator (based on player’s skills)

Tip: Score multiple combos in every game mode. It will bring up special objects that help you get the highest scores.

Get this game while it is still FREE!

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