Fruit Go!

Action+Puzzle = Fruit Go!

Fruit Go! Is a beautiful action puzzle physics game.
The hateful corpse offends the crazy fruit, between them, what’s fighting will be done? If you want to know the answer, please quickly jion in it!

—– Game Description:
This is not a brutal war, shooting… …shooting, you can’t win everything, unless you have intelligent minds with accurate shooting, then you can beat the nasty zombies.
Sting, oil drums, gas, stab the ball, fire … … a variety of cruel traps and hidden weapon, which are prepared for the zombie.
Fruits are ready to go, and are you ready?

—– Role Description:
– Cherry –
High flexibility, Low power, accuracy in general, no special skills.

– Carrots –
Low elasticity, the impact of strong, high precision, strength is weak, another cyclone skills, encounter obstacles trigger skills.

– Watermelon –
In flexibility, explosive strength, accuracy in general, while a continuous impact skills, encounter obstacles trigger skills.

– Pumpkin –
Low flexibility, power generally, the general accuracy with explosive skills, can directly kill the zombies.

—–Game Features:
– 4 Theme boxes, 144 levels, and more theme levels coming soon
– The game features unique style, action&puzzle
– Funny, witty humor, suitable for all people
– Lovely fruits, bad zombie
– The real physical world, high-precision, highly sensitive
– Achievements, global high score
– Continuously updated, more levels, more roles, more traps

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