Fruit Can

There are two fruit factories,one adventure mode,one challenge are a worker in them,and your work is to put all kinds of fruits in bottles according to the recipes.

In adventure factory,you will have 5 adventure modes,thay are:
1.From easy to hard,you will know well the rules of the game.
2.There are some bad fruits appear randomly, you must avoid throwing the bad fruits into the bottles.
3.Not only some bad fruits appear but also the fruit materials will change of position.
4.There is a monster that can eat some fruits that you are to throw in bottles.
5.Bad fruits and monsters will both appear.
There are 16 levels in every adventure mode.This game will be training players for their memory and reaction.

In challenge factory,player must fill bottles as quickly as possible within the stipulated time. Initial time is 90s.When you continuous fill five bottles, you will obtain a tool that can help you prolong your time, so that you can obtain more points.

Begin to play now!

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