From A to B lite

Insanely addictive puzzle game suitable for all ages! From A to B lite puts your mind to the test: can you figure out the correct route to get the car From A to B, collecting all 3 stars, with only a limited number of road pieces?

*** Highlights ***

– Basic levels progress into mind-boggling puzzles
– Earn Game Center achievements
– Upload your solutions and share with friends
– Built-in tutorials guide you from novice to pro
– 18 levels of addictive, route-building fun!
– Great to play when commuting to work or school
– Optimised graphics for retina displays

*** The Challenge ***

Traverse difficult terrains, avoid crashing into oncoming trains and plan your route carefully not to run out of fuel! These are just some of the challenges you’ll have getting From A to B!

*** What they’re saying ***

“Having played a few games like this before I half expected to complete the first round of levels, move on and forget the app, but you just can’t with this game. You really do need to think when playing this game” – Jonathan Heald, (5/5)

“I love the fact that it relies on careful ingenuity, and not your ability to beat a clock by chucking random parts on a track, in order to truly be victorious.” – Eric Pankoke, (4/5)

“You will find yourself staring at the screen and trying to figure out a way to collect those darn stars without smashing the car into a train” – George Norman, (5/5)

*** Watch a GamePlay Demo ***


Created By: Christian Fudge
Artwork By: Sabah Mansour (


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