Frogs Vs. Pests Seasons


Great trouble hangs over the little pool! Little frog is ready for fight against the pests which are destroying the flowers. However, the enemies are too many to kill. Give the guard a hand please.

Please control the frog to DART OUT its tongue by touching it and dragging backward. Then release finger to hit the aimed at pest. The longer you drag, the further the tongue will stick out. Pay attention as some pests are very stubborn and you have to assault them several times, twist the tongue, or pull back the tongue…

Water grass will decrease the attack speed, but you can earn a bonus. The spring will stop the frog from darting its tongue and hit the pests in its mouth.

If you tap the frog for several seconds, the tongue will dart out longer and more powerfully.

Game Features:

«SIX kinds of pests and THREE kinds of flowers.

«CUTE and HILARIOUS character

«Single Player Level Mode, challenge Mode.


Help the frogs to banish the pests. Try your best to exterminate them!

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