Frog vs Insects HD

❝Amazingly funny, engaging, addictive, fun to play, thoughtful and strategic❞
★Get immersed in an endless funny, engaging, addictive and above all strategic game.
★Conquer the kingdom of insects with nothing but your frog’s tongue!!!
★Aim to catch annoying fly, sneaking spiders and bitting mosquitos.
★With little help of some insects killer spray and power-ups.

★This game comes to you in an amazingly funny cartoonish style, with super easy controls.
★Endless gameplay, with increasing difficulty as you progress.

☆☆☆More and more insects to be added☆☆☆

★★★Game Features★★★
♥Funny cartoonish graphics
♥Some physics
♥Super easy controls
♥Engaging gameplay
♥Great sound effects and background music
♥Strategically designed
♥Auto saving of progress and score

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