Frisky Chess

Frisky Chess follows all the rules of regular chess, except there are no turns! However, if you move a piece, you’ll see a timer start on top of the piece. Until this timer completes, you cannot move the piece, but you can move other pieces. Finally, there is no checkmate-you only win once you actually take the king.

For chess novices, it’s a great way to start learning the game. The games last 1-2 minutes, and anything can happen to change the course of the game.
For experienced chess players, the game is surprisingly similar to regular chess, but taking out turns keeps some tactical themes (overloading, x-ray attacks, beneficial trades), takes out some strategies (sorry, pins don’t really work), and adds some new strategies (anticipation, mind games, move and protect, distraction). Start thinking about chess in a different way.

Live, Instant Game Play
Real-time multiplayer game play.

Multi-Platform Gaming
Play with this app against people playing online at, or on Facebook at

Elo Chess Rating System
Improve your rating with wins, especially against high ranked opponents.

Retina Display Graphics

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