Friendsheep HD: The Insanely Popular Party Game

An insanely addictive action board game for 4 players! Start herding those silly sheep and make them stay put. Up to 4 players can play on the same iPad, but you are warned- it gets crazy and frantic!

-*NEW* Alien Package Update! New monsters, gameplay and story; save our Friendsheep!
– Wolf, Golden King Ram and Angry Bulldog.
– Fun social play for up to 4 players!
– Simple but addictive gameplay.
– Delightful hand-drawn graphics.
– Silly sheep, dancing sheep, lazy sheep and many hilarious kinds of cute sheep!

To Play
– Simply drag sheep to your base. Tap to wake the lazy sleeping sheep or poke the dancing sheep!
– When the sheep are inside bases, they cannot be dragged.

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