Friend Fiction

The aim of Friend Fiction is to unite like-minded people in a creative, collaborative and spontaneous story telling game.

2 – 4 players joining in a game of Friend Fiction form a writing team. The length of the story is set by whoever starts the game.

The player that starts the game begins by writing the first few words of the story. Then, it is up to the next player to continue the story. The story develops as each player takes turns to contribute.

The catch is that each player can only enter a limited number of words in each turn. As a result, the stories you and friends create will be strange, unique and full of hilarious, unexpected turns.

Players can vote other player’s turns up or down during a game, and individual player scores are tallied in a public leaderboard.

Completed stories can be saved to a public library, and stories in the library can be voted up or down, which contributes to an overall score tally for each story.

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