Fresh Deal Casino

Casino Games is proud to launch Fresh Deal Casino, the most all inclusive Casino application for mobile devices.

Try you luck and hone your skills on these great casino classics:

– Slots Cleopatra: With 25 levels and 5 themes of action, Slots Cleopatra gives you the opportunity to win big while enjoying large colourful icons and beautifully themed bonus games. Big payouts, a huge array of bonus games, and great gameplay make this an absolute winner

– Video Poker: The best Video Poker app on the app store is now available in Fresh Deal Casino. Featuring a unique “Raise the stakes” betting system that allows you to modify your winnings, you’re assured hours of play and great payouts

– Bingo: Including three levels of difficulty, great random powerup abilities, and an even greater payout system, come and play the Bingo game that some people are already calling the most addicitive game of bingo ever made

– Blackjack: Big Cards, colorful graphics and an easy ‘tap and go’ play system makes your blackjack experience not only easier, but far more enjoyable

– Poker: Play poker like the pros with Fresh Deal Casino’s unique Poker game. Large colorful retina enhanced graphics and an easy to use interface sets Fresh Deal poker above and beyond other games on the app store

*# Features of Fresh Deal Casino #*

+ Beautiful Retina Enhanced Graphics
+ Daily Bonuses keep you playing for free, longer
+ All your favorite classic casino games in one convinient application
+ Powerups, Bonus games, and dozens of levels to master
+ Years worth of entertainment

Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose.

For entertainment purposes only.

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