FreeMatch : Catch Wolf

## Comic Puzzle Game PiggyWoogy TM Open Event on February 8, 2012##
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The Catch Wolf open new era of the puzzle defence game genre.
-This game is not only 3Match game. This is a Brain Training Game. You can move every block on screen. Make a trap on the bottom line to catch the wolves as many as you can in one move.
-You need the strategy to clear every round.
-Be Smart and be fast as you can.
-Please enjoy totally deferent play mode in Catch Wolf
-Story mode
You can move any block on the screen to make a trap for catching the Wolf even though they are not match.
You don’t need to wait for matching block, just move it and design by yourself to clear it.
Use 3 special boosts in the game to get rid of wolf.

-Match as fast as you can to blow away gems with Blazing Speed
-Keep up with your friends and see how many points they can score in 60 seconds with Facebook integration.
-Use up to 3 boosts per game to blow past your friends in the leaderboards.
-Create cascades of fun with Flame gems, Star gems, and Hypercubes by matching more than 3 gems at once.
-See just how much fun a minute can be!

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