Free to Fly!

Fat bird Ola is facing unprecedented dangers!

Countless red birds emerging from nowhere with killing intent are attacking Ola.

Ola of course can not sit still. In addition to dodging red birds’ attack, Ola can take the initiative to fight back with the weapons in the “Orbs”.

You can simply tilt your device to control the flght of Ola. Guide Ola well, her life is in your hands!

0. Super fun game play.
1. Many powerful weapons.
2. Simple rules that everyone can grasp and enjoy.
3. The control is simple: just tilting! (or dragging)
4. Leaderboard support.
5. Ola is fat, doesn’t she looks delicious? (Just kidding :P)
6. Support Retina display.
7. Unique boss fight. (Full version)

(Ola is female Light-vented Bulbul, 2 years old)







0. 超級好玩。
1. 隨著成就提升而不斷增加的武器。
2. 規則簡單,老少咸宜。
3. 操控單純,不會手忙腳亂。
4. 全球排行榜,讓您知道您的等級在哪。
5. 歐拉很肥,看起來美味可口。
6. 支援 retina display.
7. 各具特色的頭目戰。(完整版)

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