Free SudokuEdit for iPhone

There are many good Sudoku problems in books, newspapers and web sites. Don’t you want to play it with iPad? Or if you are Sudoku mania, you know creating sudoku is more difficult and much more fun than solving it because it is a very complicated puzzle in itself. SudokuEdit is for you.

*** What Is SudokuEdit ***
SudokuEdit is Editor for Sudoku. Using this you can…
– Copy from others and play it using note, undo and answer checker.
– Play the unlimited number of Sudoku made by this program.
– Customize the Sudoku as you like.
– Create Sudoku from scratch using powerful helper functions.
– Create Sudoku from the answer made by this program.
– Create geometrically or symmetrically designed Sudoku.
– Mail your Sudoku to friends.

*** Useful Functions ***
– Unlimited Automatic Generator (Problem and Answer)
– Consistency Checker
– Very Powerful Note
– Undo (max 100)
– Marker
– Blank Given (for designing)
– Saving To Files (like standard text editor)

*** More Details, Screen Shots and Tutorials ***
Please visit SudokuEdit Web Site.

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