Free Clothing Cartoon Puzzle

* Awarded with best game for kids of age 0-4 by Mommy’s and Daddy’s in 2012.
* Number 1 in the Educational category in more than ten countries.

Welcome to the Clothing Puzzle!

“A fun and educational puzzle for children of 0-4 years of age!”

You can choose out of 40 puzzles with moren than 50 different pieces of clothing in 2 game variations.

“Your child can move the pieces easily across the screen.”

The puzzles vary in difficulty and so it helps, in a playful way, to improve the logical thinking ability of your child.

This game:
* Improves eye hand coordination of your child
* Creates a lot of fun
* Let your child learn about all the cloths.

The interface is clear, interactive and designed specifically for young children.

The app is completely in English

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