FREE Animal Quiz

One of the Most Addictive Games in the App Store, FREE Animal Quiz is fun and easy to play! This app is similar to Logo Quiz, which also tests your knowledge in a fun and addictive way. Check out the screenshots and see for yourself.

Listen to a short audio clip of an animal and try to identify it. Successfully identifying animals in each level will allow you to unlock the next level with a few hints provided to help get you there!

For every successful identification you will be rewarded with a fun fact, referred to as a ‘Did You Know?’. These will provide you with some interesting facts that will have you intrigued!

Every time you identify 2 animals, you will be rewarded with a free hint which can help you out when you are stuck. You are able to use 3 hints for each animal. If you are stuck you can use an Identifier to reveal the animal you are trying to guess.

Each level has 20 animals to identify, you need a total of 16 animals identified to progress to the next level.

Best of luck with unlocking each level!

Get the AdFree version of FREE Animal Quiz, Animal Sounds Quiz (now only $0.99) and get the following;

* Get More Levels
* Get More Animals
* Get More Hints
* Remove Ads


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