Fred: Finding Rose

This is a puzzle game with ancient tradition, playing this game requires patience and wisdom, it is suitable for people over the age of 7 and it is of extreme challenge and playability as well.

The game is part of the series puzzle game, named Fred, which is also developed by Wizunion, LLC. The story is about a young hamster named Fred, to rescue the princess Rose imprisoned by the evil sorcerers, carried out a series of adventures.

Game consists of a chessboard with 20 squares and 10 pieces of different sizes and shape. By moving each piece(Time to move a piece, not allowed to cross-pieces) to help Fred move from the initial position to the bottom of the central part of the export board(One piece continuous movement of multiple mobile number only once).Only two small squares on the board empty, games are played through the two spaces moving piece,with the least number of steps Fred was out.This game is causing a lot of people interested in,we all try to turn the movement of steps to minimize the number of.

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