In the Farm of the Dead, a Texas Carrot Massacre is taking place. Surrounded by the Fibereaters and the Vegetarian Evil, how long can you last in this Veggie Apocalypse? Can you win this Wabbit War Z?

You have always been an earnest carrot farmer who lived a peaceful life with your wife and kids, until the fateful day when the freakish rabbits and vegetarian zombies suddenly show up on your farmland. You have one goal and one goal only, to save your beloved carrots and runaway from those evil fiber-eaters!!

F.R.E.A.K. (Freakish Rabbits Eating Abnormal Karrots) is a simple top down scroller game. Players must guide the farmer with our intuitive one finger control system through the randomly generated maze and collect as many carrots as possible while avoiding dead-ends, then unload your carrots to your wife, the kids, and at the farmer’s market to cash-in. But watch out for those freakish rabbits and vegetarian zombies, because they will eat your precious carrots and maybe your brains as well!

Gotta Carrot them all!!

· Simple game control
· Randomly generated maze
· 4 different types of traps, including zombies!
· 9 different speed levels

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