Freak Kick

What if you’re called to represent your country in the next Cup? Will you be ready?

Well, download Freak Kick and find out!

Our newest game presents you with a nail-bitting penalty shootout. Win the championship game by scoring well-placed penalty shots and defending your goal at any cost. With Freak Kick, you’ll be able to challenge your friends to a quick shootout. Just choose carefully where you’ll place your next shot and try to make sure your goalie defends the right spot against theirs!

Freak Kick offers three different levels of gameplay, each one making things harder for the goalie by increasing the number of targets to shoot at. However, if your goalie doesn’t jump to the exact right spot, don’t worry, because he might still have a chance of defending any shots that come near him! The possibility to rely on odds and the scoring system, awarding more points to cleaner shots, open up several strategies, making the game even more exciting, but the challenge is always the same:

Can you score more than your adversary?

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