Frantic Freddy

Frantic Freddy’s Mental Health is in your hands!

Freddy is in the Therapy Room. Your job is to make Freddy Face His Fears!

Freddy is afraid of everything!

Get past session 2 and Freddy removes his strait jacket and is able to use his hands to squish the creepy crawlers.

* Additive Endless levels with Endless difficulty

* Crazy fun with over 43 Objectives which increase your score multiplier

* 10 Endless Sessions, each level is a game within itself

* Tons of bonuses…combo bonuses, super roach bonus, invulnerable bonus and more!

* Game Center High-Scores and Achievements

Watch out! If you don’t squish enough creepy crawlers Freddy will FREAK OUT!

Reach session 6 and Unlock a New Level

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