Franklin’s Bumpy Buggy Race-Off

Show off your soap-box skills in this race to the finish line. Fly through the air using your favorite Franklin bumpy buggies by collecting special boosts and combos and avoiding pesky obstacles along the way, to be declared champion of Woodland.

• Select from six bumpy buggies.
• Race 10 unique tracks.
• Save and watch your favorite races.
• Upload your favorite races to Treehouse TV for other kids to watch.


“The design is bright and colourful and will delight all Franklin fans” – Nathalie van Ee – Fun Educational Apps:

“Will keep your little loved one entertained from here until the cows come home” – Luke Patrick – The iPhone App Review:

“Kids will really enjoy this simple racing game” – Crazy Mike – Crazy Mike’s Apps:

“If you like soap box racing or any other kind of racing then you will love Franklin’s Bumper Buggy Race Off” – Stacie – Super Mommy to the Rescue:

“I really like how the graphics/illustrations were in 3D, just like the new ones shown on TV” – Jennie Yuen – Baby Brandon’s Adventures:

“Great for little ones who are learning how to play racing games and just love Franklin” – Robin Mccoy Ramirez – Inspired by Savannah:

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