What do you get when you mash two words together to create one hilarious new word?

FRANKENWORD: the game of hilarious word creation

This is a word game unlike any other ─ answers to clues overlap to create Frankenwords like:

• COUGARCADE (cougar + arcade)
• WOMENCHILADA (women + enchilada)
• CHILLUSTRATION (chill + illustration)
• DWARFARE (dwarf + warfare)

Each puzzle contains two clues that you must use to create your Frankenword.
Each Frankenword consists of two words that are combined to make one word.

Once you solve the puzzle, share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter with your own creative definition, and earn yourself some HINTS!

• 600+ puzzles, with more coming!
• Earn Hints for sharing!
• New FREE stages released every month!

“A new iOS word game with all the right moves.”

“Frankenword is a clever word game that does freemium right. I’d highly recommend downloading it and giving it a try.”
– AppAdvice

“’Alarmadillo!’ Brilliant.”
– Pocket Gamer

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