Fox and Hounds Lite by BubbaJoe

The classic kid-friendly Fox & Hounds strategy game with 10 difficulty levels and full integration with Game Center.

Fox & Hounds is also known by the names Pig and the Fence, Wolf & Sheep, Hounds & Hare, and Devil & Tailors.

Single Player vs the computer.
Two Players on the same device.
Two Player match via Game Center.

Alternate between playing as the Fox and as the Hounds.

13 achievements to unlock.
4 leaderboards.

When playing against the computer, the difficulty level will automatically be increased or decreased based on your skill level and remembered between sessions.

Sound Effects can be turned on or off.

No “Please Rate Me” nag screen.

How To Play
The Hounds attempt to trap the Fox before it can escape to the other side.

The Fox always moves first and can move both forwards and backwards along the diagonals.

The Hounds may only move forward along the diagonal.

The game is over when the Fox reaches the opposite side or if the Hounds trap the Fox.

To move a piece, either tap and drag it to the desired square. Or tap a piece once to activate it and again to move it to the desired location. To make the game move faster, the Fox is automatically activated when it is their turn.

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